The Correct Ways Of Finding Keywords

finding keywords

Finding keywords or also known as keyword research is a must for all webmaster. If you want your website content to reach more readers out there, it is essential for you to do proper research finding website keywords. Having good keywords related to the niche of website can help to improve search engine ranking as well.

You make ask what is the reason of finding keywords for your website, it is pretty straight forward. You want to know what exactly is the keyword phrases people put in the search engine. You want to make sure your website post is about keyword phrase that people looking for, not a keyword phrase that no one want to read.

On the other hand, when you website is having content with many keyword phrases around a niche topic, search engine tends to rank your website higher. This is also known as search engine optimization.

3 Easy Ways Of Finding Keywords

Before you start the process of finding keyword phrases for your website you should get some keyword research tools to help. The most commonly used keyword research tool is Google Keyword Tool. The best part is it is completely FREE and highly accurate.

First you just need to put in a simple keyword related to your website and the Google Keyword Tool will return to you hundreds of result relevant to that particular keyword you typed in. For example, if you type in the word “violin” you will have all keyword phrases related to the word violin, i.e violin tuning, violin for sale, violin for beginners, violin strings etc.

The keyword tool show the number of monthly searches for each keyword phrase, it also tell you how competitive is the keyword and how profitable is the keyword. These are absolutely crucial information to have before you start writing any post! Choose around 10 keyword phrases which is medium competitive and highly profitable to start.

Another method i used to find website keywords is to spy on my competitors! I like this method 🙂 It is easy to do! Just check the search engine which niche blog is show highly in the ranking and visit the website. Next check out the website meta tags, most of the time the webmaster put in most of the keyword phrases they target in the meta tags!

If you have customers or friends who have great interest in the niche, you can ask them what they normally put in the search engine to get the niche information.This is absolutely must used method , they are the one who are hungry for more niche information and you are asking them what actually they are searching for.

My Favorite Finding Keywords Method

Now my students like to ask me which is the best ways of finding keywords, the answers is i used all three of the above methods. There are no right or wrong when doing keyword research. You just need to make sure your website is full of original content targeting related keyword phrases.

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