Essential Tips For Internet Marketing Newbies

If you are still struggling to achieve success in internet marketing and thinking of quitting it, just think about this – everyone start as an internet marketing newbies, everyone facing obstacles and frustration and everyone is working hard to achieve success. I know the the frustration of internet marketing newbies, i had been there before. However, persistence and perseverance is critical to your success!

The 8 Must Know  Internet Marketing Newbies

Internet Marketing Newbies

From my online business experience, i had compile the below 10 essential tips internet marketing newbies must know. Make sure you read it and stay focus to achieve your goal.

1. Stay away from ‘Get Rick Quick’ schemes on the internet.

There are many online marketing scam out there, you must know that there are no such thing as ‘Magic Button’ for you to click to achieve internet business success. Treat it same as offline business where you are require to put some hard work in it before you start seeing results.

2. Spend some times learning simple technical stuff.

I am not saying that you must know all the technical skills to be able to success online, but you must at least know some simple technical skills. Things like graphic design, website creating, etc can be easily outsource. However you must at least need to know what is WordPress, how to create a post how to use Autoresponder etc.

3. Aware of the ‘Get Paid To Read Email’ sites.

Do not try out those read emails sites, it is completely scam and you won’t be making any penny from it. I started doing this back in 2009 and wasting lots of time reading email without getting a single penny from the advertiser.

4. Don’t pay too much attention to image of income proof .

I am not saying that those millionaire internet marketer cheating you, but it is a easy task to create a ‘Incredible Income Proof’ image file. Unless you see in live the proof of income, just ignore it.

5. Stay focus.

It is important for you to stay focus and think in positive manner. There will be frustration along the journey to your success to make money online, but one thing you must always remember is ‘Focus To Take Action’, and i am not talking about a small action but MASSIVE ACTION!

6. Be organized and dedicated.

Setup a plan and make sure you follow through it. If you are suppose to write 3 articles a day, then do it! If you are suppose to do video marketing today, do it! Success will come when MASSIVE ACTION is taken!

7. Avoid leaving large fund in your online business account.

Due to the nature of the internet marketing business, there are times your account can be closed by merchant due to complains. If your account are closed or suspended , you lose all your money!

8. Learn the marketing basics.

Online business is all about marketing, if you know how to market to your potential customer, you will make tons of money. Master the skills of marketing and implement the strategies, you will be amazed by the results.

Journey As Internet Marketing Newbies

The above tips for internet marketing newbies are not rules, those are some guidelines for you to follow. Is is much better for you to aware of this instead of wasting your time and money in wrong aspects. Your journey as internet marketing newbies might be failing now, but be persistence and massive action today, you will be on the path to success internet business soon.


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