8 Reasons You Have No Website Visitors

Website Visitors

The purpose of creating a website or blog is to have website visitors browsing your web pages. If you are using the website to generate profits then it is absolutely crucial for you to make the skills of getting more website visitors. From the start when you design a website you should already have a plan to get visitors to your website. The template, alignment and design of the website all have important roles to play when attracting website visitors.

Why You Have No Website Visitors?

Have you ever wonder why “My Website Have No Traffic”? There are some do and don’t you must be aware of if you want to increase number of visitors to your websites. Here are 10 most common reasons why you have no website visitors.

1. No original content.

Ever since Google Panda update at the start of year 2012, having original content has become more critical. Google or other search engines likes to see original and unique content. Having original content will help your website rank higher and you will get more traffics.

2. No free software.

A lot of people like to get free software or program for their computer. When you offer free software which help them they will recommend your website. It is a win win situation.

3. No Contest.

Look, most of human being like to take contest, and it is even better if you offer prize for contest. Having contest on your website will help generate spike of website traffics during the contest month.

4. No free e-zine.

Most people look to subscribe to free information which they are hugely passion about. If you can offer them regular content as e-zine it is highly more likely they will come back to your website.

5. No community.

It is good to have a place where your website visitors can interact with each other. Having a chat room, message board or forum will attract more people visiting your website or blog.

6. No frequent update.

Updating website frequently is one of the factor consider by search engine when it rank your website. If you can update your website at least twice a week it send a good signal to search engine. Having frequent update and fresh content also help to retain your own visitors and they know they can always come back to your website to read more posts.

7. Boring website design.

Website design play an important role to impress your website visitors. Think about this, if you have some videos on your website will it be more attractive to visitors instead of the old boring post?

8. Slow website loading.

Here is the research result – if a person come to your website and your page did not load between 10 seconds they will leave your website immediately. So it is important to have a good website hosting solution and proper optimized your website. Your website visitors will be frustrated by the slow loading of the website.

Mastering Getting Website Visitors Skills

The tips above will definitely help you to get more website visitors, make sure you implement it and i am sure you will never worry about getting more targeted website visitors again.


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